Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The first Canadian IVF baby has his own family

Last night I was watching the news and with tears in my eyes, I saw the amazing story of how the first "test tube" IVF baby in Canada, is now a father.

With Family Day approaching, it made me realize the incredible impact on the lives of so many families, including mine, who would not have been possible without the technology created decades ago.  

photo credit: London CTV News

Did you know:  In vitro is Latin for "in glass".
Did you know:  The first test tube babies born in Canada were twins. Their parents were an Oakville couple who received fertility treatments in the U.K. from Dr. Steptoe.
Did you know:  Colin and Gregory Rankin were born at Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital on March 25, 1982.  They were the world’s 7th and 8th test tube babies and the first North American test tube twins.  Colin JUST became a new dad...the "old fashioned way".

Did you know:  IVF is often the last resort for many families who have already tried several other (costly) options.

Did you know:  The average IVF cycle cost between $10,000-$15,000.

Did you know:  The likelihood of becoming pregnant during your IVF cycle ranges from 35-50%- far from a guarantee.

Did you know:  The financial and emotion burden that IVF puts on couples is unimaginable.

Did you know:  Infertility is still not recognized as a "medical issue" in Ontario.

Did you know:  That IVF can actually reduce the number of multiples and therefore reduce the medical cost and strain on the health care system (just look at what's happening in Quebec).

Did you know:  Paul and I never would have been parents without IVF.  

Did you know:  We were lucky to have spent ONLY $20,000 to create our beautiful family of 3 boys.

Did you know:  I pray that when my boys have their own families, that they will not have infertility issues to worry about.

Did you know: That many couples will not be celebrating Family Day this's as painful as Mother's Day and Father's Day...they will still be holding out for that dream to become parents in time for next year's Family Day.


Paula Schuck said...

What a great post!! Fantastic. I love reading each and every one of these posts from you. It's time for Ontario to recognize that families are the building blocks of the province itself, of every province. IVF should be funded.

Heather Hamilton said...

It's got to change soon, Paula. For my kids. I can't imagine having to go through the stress. I hope we see a change in time. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

mom on the move said...

Awesome article Heather! I'm so glad that you have managed to start telling this story...I know you have wanted to for a long time! In telling this story, you tell my story and so many other peoples' stories too. Thank you! I hope that infertility will be raken seriously one day, soon, and that others will not have to suffer the emotional, physical and financial roller coaster that we were on!

Margarita Ibbott said...

You are courageous to keep sharing your story. It has to become a part of the dialogue that we as a province (and nation) need to bring to the forefront. Thanks for creating that dialogue.